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The Playground1000 was the 20th event in the World Cup of Cards, and a total of 867 entries took place for this tournament which boasted a $1,000,000 guarantee. Starting flights were available online at partypoker and live at Playground Poker Club, with all qualifiers reunited on Monday evening for Day 2. The top 100 players secured themselves a payout, with a staggering $200,000 top prize set aside for the eventual winner.

Once Day 3 was complete, 24 players were still in the race and they returned to the felts for Day 4 to play down to a winner. As play neared the final table, it was Donghai Lu who was leading the way with a considerable chip lead. Alexander Puchalski (9th - $10,000) and Aaron Czaja (8th - $15,000) were eliminated in the first few orbits of the final table, and shortly after Jason Mandanici-Turcot stormed up the leaderboard by eliminating Carlos Gerones (7th - $22,500).

Marc Guerbilsky (6th - $30,000) was the next casualty after an unfortunate cooler saw his chips shift over to Charles La Boissonnière, losing with versus . Charles went on a heater after that hand, eliminating partypoker pro Natalia Breviglieri (5th - $40,000) in 5th place, and then taking out Donghai Lu (4th - $54,500) in a two-part process.

During 3-handed action, big-stacked Charles was putting pressure on his opponents with an aggressive style of play, and managed to eliminated Jason (3rd - $80,000) in a battle of the blinds to bring the event into heads-up play. He began the duel with a 7-to-1 chip lead over heads-up opponent Garrett Dansereau, and within a few minutes the final hand took place.

With around 15 big blinds in front of him, roughly 10% of the chips in play, Garrett open-shoved from the small blind and found a call. He tabled and was trailing the of Charles, who went on to win the hand with a runout. With it, Charles was crowned our Playground1000 champion, taking home a the $200,000 top prize, along with a WCC Champion's Trophy and a set of Monster headphones!

Playground1000 Champion: Charles La Boissonière - $200,000.00

Playground1000 runner-up: Garrett Dansereau - $120,000.00

Last hand of play

One of the elements that was responsible for a ton of the buzz at Playground Poker Club as the World Cup of Cards began was the huge Bad Beat Jackpot. The Primary BBJ had grown to over $1.22M over the past several months of cash game play... until August 17th at about 5:30pm, when the huge jackpot was finally hit as a runner runner straight flush in spades to the Queen beat Quad Jacks.

The Primary BBJ at Playground Poker Club is a progressive jackpot that starts at $250,000. The minimum qualifying hand starts at Quad Aces and goes down every 4 weeks to a minimum of Quad 8s. The qualifying hand had been at that lowest qualifying hand level for many weeks and the Jackpot kept growing.

According to the players, the hand was played pretty slowly. Preflop, there was a raise and two calls, so three players saw the flop of . Elphege D, the eventual loser of the hand, held in early position, and chose to slow play - all three players saw the turn . Again there wasn’t much action.

Following the hand, Shane G (the player who won the hand), who held , reported that he was precisely aware of what he needed and the implications of hitting his card, because he was pretty sure his opponent had a monster. Lo and behold, the came on the river. He had hit his one-outer to make the runner-runner straight flush to the Q!

With that, the celebrations were on! Confetti "bombs" were set off, victory music to blasted throughout the room, and the wait staff brought champagne for everyone! It was an unforgettable experience - and not just because of the huge prizes!

Payout specifics:

$460,149 for hand loser - Quad Jacks (Elphege D)
$230,088 for hand winner - Spades straight flush to the Q (Shane G)
$32,870 for each of the 7 other players at the table
$1,224 room share for each of the other Hold’em cash players when the hand was hit.

Have no fear - if you didn't win a piece of this huge jackpot - it resets to an impressive $250,000 - so if your great hand is beaten by an even greater hand, you can still win a big pile of cash!

The $1.22M Jackpot has been won!The $1.22M Jackpot has been won!The $1.22M Jackpot has been won!The $1.22M Jackpot has been won!
In the past few days, partypoker has released upgrades to its desktop and mobile clients. The lobby and game play interfaces have both been improved in this first round of updates – making it more of a pleasure than ever to play on partypoker!

The changes were made after gathering feedback from a wide range of players. The thing that stands out the most about both the lobby and table updates is the darker colour scheme, which will be easier on the eyes for players and big improvement for those playing long sessions.

As well, the simplified one-click lobby has been removed and all of the attention now goes to the traditional lobby view. Very few players were reported to have used the simplified lobby - and now, improving the traditional view will be the focus of continuing development. In this update filters have been made collapsible to provide more space, and in the future partypoker plans further enhancements to the tournament lobby. As well, a very practical improvement has been made to the Sit & Go HERO lobby - it is now possible to differentiate between 3- and 4-handed games.

In the official partypoker news release, Managing Director of partypoker Tom Waters said: "We acknowledge that our poker product needed some love. We have been working on this project for a number of months with the support of a large group of players. We have been testing the phase 1 release over the past couple of weeks and the feedback from the players has been extremely encouraging. There are many more enhancements in the pipeline and I am confident that by the end of 2017 our players will be delighted with the improved look and feel and the usability of the software. We know what the bigger issues are and believe that these upgrades will address all of those. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to feedback and suggested improvements. I hope that the new partypoker player experience is to everyone's liking."

See the full news release from partypoker.
New and Improved Client Software available now from partypoker