Weekdays just got seriously wicked!

High Hand Cash Giveaways are now being awarded every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - with $8,000 in payouts each day!

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Tournament Leaderboard

The Tournament Leaderboard, sponsored by partypoker, is a monthly** competition for Tournament players at Playground Poker Club. Everyone who finishes in the top 40% of the field in any of the 75+ daily Live tournaments will earn points for the TLB. The more points you accumulate, the higher in the standings you’ll climb! The top 30 players on the final TLB for the month will qualify for an exclusive Freeroll with big money up for grabs!

**From time to time, the leaderboard will continue over portions of two months. In such cases, this will be communicated at the time.

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Primary Bad Beat Jackpot

The Primary BBJ may be hard to hit at first, but as the weeks go by and the Jackpot amount increases, the qualifying hands get progressively easier and easier to hit. Anytime the Primary BBJ is hit, the qualifying hand will reset back to Quad Aces (AAAA) and the Jackpot amount will reset back to $250,000.

Every 4 weeks, the qualifying hand will drop in strength by one, as displayed in the table below.

Week Minimum Qualifying Hand
1 Quad Aces (AAAA)
5 Quad Kings (KKKK)
9 Quad Queens (QQQQ)
13 Quad Jacks (JJJJ)
17 Quad Tens (TTTT)
21 Quad Nines (9999)
25+ Quad Eights (8888)

Playground Poker Club is known for its frequent Bad Beat Jackpot payouts, will you be around when our most lucrative one hits?
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Secondary Bad Beat Jackpot

Who wants to win when losing the pot pays so much more!? Lose any $20+ pot with a minimum of Aces full of Kings (AAAKK) and you’ll walk away with the lion’s share of the Secondary Bad Beat Jackpot.

The Secondary Bad Beat Jackpot is not a progressive jackpot and is set at a fixed $25,000

For more information on the Secondary BBJ Click Here!

Omaha Bad Beat Jackpot

Our Omaha Bad Beat Jackpot is will never be less than $5,000! Lose any $20+ Omaha pot with Quad Eights (8888) or better, and you actually walk away a winner!

For full details and payout structure Click Here!

Hockey Night at Playground

As if watching hockey wasn't thrilling enough, Playground is adding to the excitement. Every time a player from Montreal scores, we'll be splashing the pot on one of the cash tables with $50.

The way it works is pretty simple, every table will be designated its own player. Any time your player scores; we'll splash the next pot with $50 before the hand starts.

Come enjoy the game on one of our 90 big screen TV's.
It always pays to play at Playground!

Home Games at Playground Poker club

Bring the comfort of your Home Game to Playground Poker Club and we’ll splash the pot with lots of great extras for you and your poker buddies.

We want you to have a safe, enjoyable time at Playground, so we’ll even pick you up and bring you back home (up to 7 people), in the Playground Poker Club Nissan Limo Bus!

Play in true style on your very own table, in a professional and exciting poker atmosphere with your own dealer and indulge in free food and drinks served by one of our beautiful waitresses.

You and your buddies will also be able to take part in our daily and nightly promotions, and of course, remain eligible to win our Bad Beat Jackpots!

Book your Home Game today by calling us at 450-635-7653 or email to reserve your table today.

Terms and Conditions

  • All private table reservations must be made at least 24 hrs ahead of time (additional time constraints can apply when reserving group transportation)
  • Minimum of 7 players (if less than 7, Playground reserves the right to add players to your table)
  • Standard rakes and minimum buy-ins apply for all games offered at PPC
  • All players must show up at least 15 minutes prior to reservation time
  • All players must be 18 years of age
  • Legal photo ID and Playground Players Card required
  • Playground Poker Club reserves the right to alter or cancel promotion at any time
  • The limo bus transportation will provide pick-up of seven or more players at one location and drop off at one location
  • The Playground Poker Club Limo Bus pick up service is available within a 50km radius of the club

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