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Power Series

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  • Over $1,000,000 in monthly guarantees
  • Exclusive promotions for Canadians - $50k up for grabs!

partypoker Million

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  • $5,000,000 guaranteed prize pool
  • $1,000,000 guaranteed first place prize
  • Qualify for as little as $2.20

Grand Prix Canada

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  • $500,000 guaranteed prize pool
  • $20,000 last longer for first 100 players to make day 2 via online day 1

Tournament Leaderboard

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  • Pad your points by playing certain tournaments on partypoker!

Daily Centrolls

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  • The penny is not dead!
  • Buy in for $0.01 and play for $100!

Weekly Freeroll

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  • Exclusive to Depositors
  • $500 up for grabs

Fast Five cash games

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  • Exciting short-handed, short-stacked, quick-fire cash games

Progressive Knockout

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  • Your bounty increases as you knock players out.

Sit & Go Hero

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  • 4 way Sit & Go with a bounty placed on a random player
  • Win 2x to 10,000x your buy-in!
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Power Series

The Power Series runs daily, with multiples tournaments starting every hour. We’ve listed out our favorites below, which just so happen to start at Canadian friendly times. With multiple tournaments scheduled throughout the night, the only thing you need to do is pick the one you want to win!

Time Tournament USD $ Buy-in
6:00pm Heavyweight: The Weigh-in II - $10,000 Gtd $100 + $9
6:00pm Featherweight: PLO $250 Gtd 6-Max $5 + $0.5
7:00pm Middleweight: $2,000 Gtd 6-Max Turbo $20 + $2
7:30pm Featherweight: PLO8 $250 Gtd 6-Max $5 + $0.5
8:00pm Heavyweight: The Uppercut II - $10,000 Gtd $100 + $9
8:00pm Featherweight: The Jab II - $2,500 Gtd $5 + $0.50
8:00pm Middleweight: The Contender II - $5,000 Gtd $20 + $2
9:00pm Middleweight: The Counterpunch II - $2,500 gtd $50 + $5
10:00pm Heavyweight: The Clubber II - $5,000 Gtd $100 + $9
10:00pm Middleweight: $1,000 Gtd $20 + $2
10:00pm Featherweight: $500 Gtd $5 + $0.50

Looking to play with a bit higher stakes? In addition to the above, check out these two tournaments every Sunday:

Time Tournament USD $ Buy-in
8:00pm Heavyweight: The Title Fight - $50,000 Gtd $200 + $15
8:00pm High Roller: $25,000 Gtd $500 + $30

Take the challenge and win an additional $50,000

Challenge Prize
Final Table Jab II & Contender II $550 partypoker Million North America phase 1 ticket
Win Jab II & Contender II $5,300 partypoker Million North America Day 1 ticket
Final Table Jab II & Contender II & Uppercut II $5,300 partypoker Million North America Day 1 ticket
Win Jab II & Contender II & Uppercut II $50,000 Cash

Promotion only available to Canadian players. Challenges must be completed on the same day. All prizes will be paid out on partypoker within 24hrs.

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Daily Bounty Tournaments

Looking for action? We think you just found it! There are 3 types of bounty tournaments scheduled everyday:

  • Bounty: Collect 30% of the tournament buy-in for each player you knock out!
  • 50/50 Bounty: Collect 50% of the tournament buy-in for each player you knock out!
  • Action Bounty: Collect 75% of the tournament buy-in for each player you knock out!

Time Tournament USD $ Buy-in (Prize Pool + Bounty + Fee)
18:30 Playground 50/50 Bounty: $250 Gtd $5 + $5 + $1
21:30 Playground 50/50 Bounty: $50 Gtd $1 + $1 + $0.20
22:30 Playground Bounty: $100 Gtd $3.50 + $1.50 + $0.50
23:30 Playground Action Bounty: $50 Gtd $0.50 + $1.50 + $0.20
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Daily Cent-Roll ($100 Prize Pool)

Every day on partypoker there’s a Playground Daily Cent-Roll - a tournament that costs just USD $0.01 to join and boasts a USD $100 guarantee! The cent-roll starts at 7:00pm every night!

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Depositor Freeroll ($500 Prize Pool)

Every Wednesday night at 8:00pm there’s a Depositor Freeroll - a tournament restricted to players in Canada who have made a deposit (as if the name didn’t explain that well enough). If you qualify for this tournament, partypoker will send you the ticket automatically, which you’ll have up to 2 weeks to use. USD $500 Guaranteed! Players may collect one entry per week, (For the purpose of this promo, a week is calculated Wednesday to Tuesday).

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Overlay Satellites

Satellites are a great way to qualify for a big buy-in event. They’re even better though when there is a GUARANTEED OVERLAY! This is exactly what partypoker is doing, with the following 5 satellites, each guaranteeing an overlay of 2 seats!


CPPT World Cup of Cards Overlay Satellite

2 Seats added to the $1,650 CPPT World Cup of Cards!
When: July 28th at 9:00pm, August 7th at 2:30pm, and August 21st at 2:30pm
Buy-in: USD $109
Rules: 2x re-entries permitted during the first 8 levels of play.


WPT National Montreal Overlay Satellite

2 Seats added to the $600 WPT National Montreal!
When: July 31st at 2:30pm, and August 14th at 2:30pm.
Buy-in: USD $55
Rules: 2x re-entries permitted during the first 8 levels of play.

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Sit & Go Hero

Sit & Go Hero is a fast paced 4-handed Sit & Go bounty tournament with a twist. It’s a chance to win big from as little as $1! How big? We’re talking a prize pool worth up to 10,000 times your buy-in!

Random draws will decide the total prize pool to be won and which player will have a bounty on their head.

Can you become the Hero and win big?

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Fast Five Cash Games

Fast Five is a quick-fire 6-max cash game where players start with five big blinds. It’s played exactly the same way as a regular cash game except everybody starts with a tiny stack, so the action is always fast and furious. The small buy-in of just five big blinds means that all bankrolls can play, with the smallest buy-in starting at just $2.50. The fixed buy-in keeps the game fast and fair.

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Progressive Knockout Tourneys

Progressive Knockout tournaments have arrived on partypoker! Bounties increase every time someone knocks a player out. The action-packed tournaments give players the chance to win hundreds or even thousands of dollars at any moment.

Progressive Knockouts work like regular knockout tournaments, except the bounty increases with every player eliminated.

Monday to Saturday

Time Tournament Starting bounty Progressive Bounty buy-in
3:00pm $1,000 Gtd – Progressive KO Featherweight $2.50 $1.25 $5.50
3:00pm $2,500 Gtd – Progressive KO Middleweight $10 $5 $22
3:00pm $10,000 Gtd – Progressive KO Heavyweight $50 $25 $109


Time Tournament Starting bounty Progressive Bounty buy-in
3:00pm $2,000 Gtd – Progressive KO Featherweight $2.50 $1.25 $5.50
3:00pm $3,000 Gtd – Progressive KO Middleweight $10 $5 $22
3:00pm $15,000 Gtd – Progressive KO Heavyweight $50 $25 $109
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It’s never been easier to get money into your partypoker account. Simply provide the Playground Poker Club cashier with your partypoker username, a piece of government issued ID and your deposit amount. Within a matter of seconds you’ll be able to jump into the online action!


Log-in to the partypoker cashier and select “Playground Poker Club Cashier” from the available options. Follow the same steps you would for any other method, then confirm by clicking the ‘withdraw’ button. Your transaction is now being processed! You will first receive a withdrawal request confirmation email, then a second email approving the withdrawal, which contains a Voucher ID. Once you receive the approval email your money will be ready at Playground. To collect your funds, you will need to present our cashier with your Voucher ID, a government issued ID and may have to confirm the last 4 digits of your SSN. If you don’t receive the Voucher ID email, make sure to check your spam/junk messages folder.

Best of all? There are no processing fees tied to this withdrawal method!

partypoker withdrawl
Cashier services are available from 9am to 3am, daily.