Tournament Leaderboard

Everyone who finishes in the top 40% of the field in any of the 75+ daily live tournaments and a selection of online tournaments on partypoker every month** will earn points for the TLB. The more points you accumulate, the higher in the standings you’ll climb!
The top 30 players on the final TLB for the month will qualify for an exclusive live Freeroll with huge prizes up for grabs.

  • Online results will be added to the TLB every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Only players who are Playground members can collect TLB points in online tournaments.

**From time to time, the leaderboard will continue over portions of two months. In such cases, this will be communicated at the time.

Qualifying tourneys

Almost all of the “daily” tournaments hosted at Playground Poker Club count for TLB points. Exceptions include special events, satellites, and tournaments that are part of major festivals.


  • Daily at 7:00pm: $5,000 Gtd - Creed: Heavyweight - US$109
  • Daily at 8:00pm: $1,500 Gtd: Middleweight - US$22
  • Sundays at 3:00pm: $3,000 Gtd – Progressive KO Middleweight - US$22
Next TLB Freeroll: Sunday February 19th at 12:00pm
TLB Prizes: The top 30 players in the standings will qualify for the TLB freeroll tournament and are guaranteed a prize. The top 10 in the freeroll will win C$1000 each and players who finish from 11th to 30th will win a US$109 partypoker tournament ticket. All payouts will be made on partypoker.
RankNameLive PointsOnline PointsTotal Points
1Simon Assouline496404964
2Pierre Garant494804948
3Daniel Gagnon479404794
4Peter Shaw420604206
5Gaetan Perreault403504035
6Michael Chouinard398603986
7David Bonneau396103961
8Rejean Grenier384703847
9Ben Menache355803558
10Marc Leclair325103251
11Mathieu Lavigne307103071
12Jean-Guy Larosiliere304003040
13Daniel Belisle282202822
14Jonathan Bussieres80120032804
15Yannick Charlebois269702697
16John Toth269102691
17Fayez Assouad267302673
18Mario Duquette267102671
19Ryan Garonce262802628
20Robert Dagenais261302613
21Arthur W259302593
22Naghibollah Noori247402474
23Maximilien Ortenberg246702467
24Kuong Chhe Kuoch243002430
25Gerry Mallet238102381
26Alberto Scuderi236902369
27Vasilios Sklavounos236002360
28Larry Jr Raymond235902359
29Robert Zemancik233002330
30Martin Lamontagne229102291
31Othman Sakhir226102261
32Jahkheem Polydore223002230
33Hany Fermanian221702217
34Malik Lefty215102151
35Ken Ransom210502105
36Joey Boczek210302103
37Miguel Goncalo208302083
38Glen Duncan204002040
39Lynda Adams203202032
40Jonathan Barbarie200702007
41Shu Pui Philip Tse200502005
42Diana Shamshoum200102001
43David Cadoch199301993
44Simon Senez019891989
45Andre Bilodeau193401934
46Houman Keramati-Nouri192801928
47Micael Monette190201902
48Pierre Boire186201862
49Alexandre Lajoie184201842
50Daniel Aubry181101811
51Charan Malhotra180701807
52Jean-Francois Santerre180201802
53Raphael Ohayon178901789
54Marc-Andre Thiffeault177701777
55Patrick Gatfalvi175101751
56Pierre-Marc Lefebvre173401734
57Andre St-Jean173001730
58Soterios T172601726
59Christos Filandrianos169301693
60Carrie Webster168901689
61Stephane Lalancette166701667
62Stephane Ginchereau166601666
63Alexandre Renaud164401644
64Augusto Dos Santos Neto163901639
65Cory Smith016131613
66Vincent Kingsbury160601606
67Sylvain Lapointe158601586
68Alain St pierre157201572
69Sasha Kljajic156901569
70Mathieu Guindon155501555
71Pierre Leonard155001550
72Dylan Thimothy Maille Thibault154701547
73Emile Haykal154001540
74Andres Rojo-Parnas153701537
75Gerardo Jimenez153301533
76Andre Faucher151901519
77Olivier Lamarre151701517
78Patrick Mailloux151601516
79Angelo Amato151201512
80Pierre Derome150901509
81Lucian Dragan149601496
82Andy D'Alessandro148101481
83Christopher Tomalty148001480
84Joel Malo147601476
85Karyn Gemmill145301453
86Simon Bissonnette-du-Cap144501445
87Theo Psihogios143801438
88Lucian Mariuta143701437
89Jonathan Bond-Levert142701427
90David Brunelle141301413
91Daniel Johnston141001410
92Kevin Bergeron11192901409
93Francois Gagne137601376
94Vera G136501365
95Francis Carriere134501345
96Ernie Zambri013451345
97Philippe Eugene Masse133601336
98Shamsudin Nawabi132501325
99Hope Stacey131301313
100Ali Alaoui130701307
101Denis Leftakis129901299
102Ian Armorer128801288
103Branden Macinnis-Morris127401274
104Nicolas Majdalani127301273
105Sheldon Ashley127201272
106Christopher Vec-Milroy127001270
107Etienne Caron St Georges127001270
108Giovanni Petrella126701267
109Christian Barbeau126001260
110Emmanuelle Fortier125801258
111Karl Cleroux125701257
112Giancarlo Santolin012571257
113Matthieu Lepine124801248
114Roger Thibault124501245
115George Ciuciureanu123801238
116Ivan Driard123501235
117Amir Mohsen123101231
118Vincent Roland122301223
119Antoine Lafleur121501215
120Denis Lebel121401214
121Eduard Bahrat120101201
122Marcello Simonetti119801198
123Bernard Yelle119201192
124Jean-Simon Gadoury119101191
125Marc Sabourin118701187
126Daniel Le118301183
127Joel Berard116201162
128Manfred Gunther115201152
129Frederic Garand115001150
130Firas A115001150
131Tyler Wielkanoc114801148
132Dimitrios Thomakos114401144
133Sandy Lam113001130
134Roy Rochette112601126
135Jonathan Poissant112201122
136Elizabeth Gravel111901119
137Victor Soumis110801108
138Christos Sfyridis109601096
139Daniel Mackay108401084
140Claude Begin107201072
141Irina Tchakarova107001070
142Jean Francois Raymond105801058
143Luc Archambault105601056
144Darcy Lee Philpott105301053
145Vonesavanh Siphaengphet105201052
146Nabil N105101051
147Andre Turcotte105001050
148Richard Poirier104601046
149Kim Doucet-Bienvenue104401044
150Eddie Daldalian104001040
151Jacques Perron103701037
152Hugo Marquis103101031
153Samuel Louis Gagnon010291029
154Dimitrios Marmagkiolis102701027
155John Barogiannis102601026
156Elie A102601026
157Patrick Ecander102001020
158Karen Lambert101801018
159Max Zeppetelli101701017
160Pino Frascione101501015
161Marc Guerbilsky100901009
162Marc Andre Lecompte100301003
163Pierre Bernier100201002
164Bruno Guerin100201002
165Stephane Gosselin9990999
166Rejean Bourgogne9970997
167Ryan Levine9960996
168Yip Keung Fung9890989
169Pierre Morin9880988
170Ron Corber9740974
171Martin Demondehare9710971
172George Papageorgiou9640964
173Keith Laflam9630963
174Jacques Villeneuve9630963
175Nader Ammar9610961
176Charles Desharnais9510951
177Jonathan Hudon9470947
178Denis Belanger9470947
179Fabien Domenech9420942
180Cherif Si Hadj Mohand9340934
181Samuel Brouillard9320932
182William Porter9300930
183Scott Worsley0929929
184Jean Luc Joseph9190919
185Andrew Johnson9180918
186Daniel Proulx9160916
187Stephen Peter Muss9070907
188Daniel Fortier9040904
189Jean Philippe Lavoie9040904
190Mehdi Balazi9000900
191Simon Dorais8970897
192Kevin Ward8930893
193Sofiane Boulila8880888
194Glen Arnold8880888
195Jonathan Caron8870887
196Pascal Gregoire8860886
197Mike Saragossi8840884
198Peter Liakopoulos8820882
199Levon Dedeyan8760876
200David Bolduc Hamel8720872

TLB Scoring Information

The TLB point system is based on an algorithm developed to account for the tournament buy-in amount as well as the size of the field. As such, the points allotted for a certain position will vary depending on the aforementioned data input.

Live: Points are earned for any regular tournament in which a player finishes in the top 40% of the field.

Online: Points are earned for any of the selected tournaments in which a player finishes in the top 40% of the field.

To collect points, a player must be a member at Playground Poker Club prior to his or her first partypoker tournament.

Any results achieved prior to a person getting their Playground Player’s Card number will not count, nor will those for the remainder of the month; however this list is reset monthly and all subsequent results will count for the TLB.

To attribute points to players, we compare the first name, last name, and date of birth on file in our Playground membership database with the same information from partypoker (for potential point winners only). If there are discrepancies between these two data sources, points will not be awarded.

Please contact if you believe that online points are not being attributed to your score or if you have any other questions or concerns.